August 9, 2023

Operation Sock Drop

Each morning we put on a fresh pair of socks with hardly a thought.

But for people experiencing homelessness, clean, warm socks are a luxury.

By participating in Operation Sock Drop you not only help keep our community’s neediest, most vulnerable citizens safe, warm and healthy, but also help them maintain their dignity and comfort during this difficult time in their lives.

Friends gives out 8.000 pairs of socks a year!

All you need to do to make a difference is donate at least one brand-new pair of men’s or women’s socks.

Friends of Boston’s Homeless supports Woods Mullen Women’s Shelter and Southampton Men’s Shelter (formerly Boston’s Long Island Shelter) in Boston’s South End. These shelters serve over 800 of our vulnerable neighbors experiencing homelessness every day (about 70% are men and 30% women), providing safe dignified care and basic emergency services: a nutritious meal, hot shower, and a warm bed to each and every person in need.

In addition, Friends supports solution-oriented programs that help people move out of homelessness into safe, stable housing and live peaceful, stable lives in our community including Housing First, Rapid Rehousing, Vocational Training, Workforce Development, Employment Services, Transitional and Permanent Affordable Housing and our innovative Housing & Career Start-up Fund.

Thank you for joining us in this work!


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