December 22, 2022

Thank you, UCC Medfield, for your amazing work in 2023!

We would like to celebrate the amazing work of the United Church of Christ, Medfield and their intrepid ‘Soup to Go’ (STG) volunteers for their amazing work in 2022.

Over 115 volunteers of the STG team made an astounding 26 visits to the Woods Mullen Women’s and Southampton Men’s Emergency Shelters in 2022, including a very meaningful Christmas Eve visit to Woods Mullen where they served a special meal and played bingo with a large crowd of women guests who really appreciated their company on what can be a most difficult time of year.

On top of cooking and serving meals, the STG team plays games with guests and brings fun prizes like new sneakers, sweatshirts, and t-shirts and thousands of items of clothing for our vulnerable neighbors struggling with homelessness – over 1,200 pairs of new socks to Southampton Men’s shelter, 2,000 articles of clothing to Woods Mullen Shelter and their  ‘Knitting for Others’ ministry hand-made and donated 150 cozy and warm winter items for bingo prizes

Of course the STG’s reach extends beyond the shelters, donating over 1,300 high-demand clothing items to Boston organizations serving individuals experiencing homelessness across our City in 2022.

We are deeply grateful to UCC Medfield and the STG and Knitting teams for their extraordinary life-affirming work year round, every year, for nearly two decades.