What we support

Moving Beyond Shelter

One of the most effective solutions to homelessness is to help people gain independence through education, employment, life skills development, and permanent housing. This is especially true for the increasing number of younger homeless individuals. However, the solution is not as simple as building houses, schools and businesses. Nor is simply providing a bed, shower and a hot meal for the night sufficient for a permanent move beyond homelessness.

Many homeless individuals have cycled for years between foster homes, DYS, DSS (as youths), shelters, correctional facilities, and marginal housing. Many have also experienced abusive family lives and relationships. Many have never known opportunity or stability and have experienced repeated failure.

Those experiencing homelessness also most often have inadequate health and mental health care, education, job skills, work experience, social supports, and life and coping skills necessary to succeed independently in the community. Lasting success is difficult without also helping people address these issues.

Founded in 1987, Friends of Boston’s Homeless supports innovative, solution-oriented programs that help homeless individuals move beyond shelter to lead independent lives in our community. From basic emergency services to permanent affordable housing, the programs and services we support now help hundreds of people every year move beyond shelter to live independent lives in our community.