Who We Are

Everything we do reflects our approach - “Housing People First.” Here’s what drives us and how we apply our resources to successful programs.

Home, Hope, and Opportunity

People experiencing homelessness have myriad vulnerabilities. They struggle with complex physical and mental health issues that are impossible to address amidst the chaos of homelessness. They are also often victims of crime, their safety constantly at risk.

Our Housing People First philosophy means we believe the solution to homelessness lies in helping people move quickly from the streets or shelters into safe, stable housing – immediately ending their homelessness and improving their quality of life.

By first removing the chaos of living on the streets and in shelters, people can finally engage in services they need to live peaceful, hopeful, and fulfilling lives in our community.

Ending Homelessness and Transforming Lives

Housing People First demonstrates that, once people are housed, they can and do engage with health care providers and case managers, participate in support groups, establish routines, build relationships with family, friends, and community, and move on to more independent living – decreasing their need for services over time.

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Housing People First Gets Results:

Since 2009, Friends has helped over 5,000 people move into safe, dignified housing
Today, over 90% remain in their homes and have not returned to homelessness.
For every person we help house, our community saves over $11,000 per person annually in health care and public safety costs alone.