What We Do

Our first step to ending homelessness is helping people who struggle on our streets and in shelters move into safe, stable housing and get connected to the vital services and opportunities they need to rebuild their lives.

Bridging the Gap

Founded in 1987, Friends of Boston’s Homeless supports innovative, solution-oriented programs that help people move out of homelessness once and for all. From basic emergency services to permanent housing, the programs and services we support now help hundreds of people every year move off the streets and out of shelters into safe, dignified, housing and live peaceful, hopeful futures in our community.

We focus on removing the final barriers of transition that programs, and the people they help, often don’t have the means to cover. The final transition steps out of homelessness are often the most crucial, and we help make them happen.

Like a Parent/Teachers Organization or a “Friends of the Public Library” group, Friends bridge the gap between public sector funding and the current needs of people experiencing homelessness by providing a vehicle for individuals, businesses, foundations, and charitable organizations to be a part of the solution.

There are no works to thanks [Friends] enough. I couldn't be the person I am today. I am a good father, I'm a good brother, I'm a good son because of the help I've gotten - Luis

Friends supports a number of vital programs in Boston that help people move beyond homelessness including Housing First, Rapid Rehousing, Front Door Triage, vocational training, workforce development, as well as the emergency shelters, Woods Mullen Women’s and Southampton Men’s Shelter (formerly Long Island) run by Homeless Services of the Boston Public Health Commission. Friends also owns and operates three permanent supportive housing programs in Boston (Valentine Women’s Supportive Housing Program, Yetman Men’s Transitional House and 12-14 Wise Street Permanent Affordable Housing Program). These programs and services help hundreds of people each year move beyond shelter into safe dignified housing and rebuild their lives.

Here’s how we do it.

Friends Housing Start-Up Fund

Covering critical housing start-up costs like security deposits, first/last month’s rent, utility arrearages, furniture and household items for people moving into their new apartments. Learn more about the Housing Start-Up Fund.

Career Start-Up Fund

Assisting with (we don’t do training or career counseling), one-time course/exam/certification fees and new job essentials so people can obtain gainful employment, fulfill their career goals, and ultimately achieve independence. Learn more about the Career Start-Up Fund.

Friends’ Community Housing Programs

Providing permanent and transitional housing that gives people the stability and services they need to rebuild their lives and rejoin their families and communities. Learn more about Community Housing Programs.

We care about our friends

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