Community Housing Programs

Community Supportive Housing Programs

With vacancy in the rental market under 4% and an average cost of a one-bedroom apartment at $2,720 a month, Boston’s affordable housing crisis is severe. Our goal is to help people make a permanent move beyond homelessness to independence. However, our community’s housing crisis is making it more and more difficult for people to achieve true independence in homes of their own. Our Community Supportive Housing Programs for formerly homeless women and men provides a solution to those who need it most.

For referral information or an application please call the program director at (617) 524-5967.

Valentine Women’s House

Located in a beautiful Mansard Victorian in Roxbury, Valentine provides women the safety, serenity, and support they need to gain additional skills, education, income, and stability to rebuild their lives and reunite with their children and families.

We work with residents to address the many challenges women experiencing homelessness face, including violence, abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, insufficient education, job skills, work experience, and life skills.

Mothers are also assisted in reuniting with their children and transitioning with them into housing in the community. Visitation with children and family is an integral part of the program.

For referral information or an application, please call the program director at (617) 442-5239.

Meet Ursel

At Valentine House, Ursel found the stability she needed to continue her recovery, go to school, and reunite with her children. Today Ursel lives in her own home in the community and works as a Recovery Coach with the Boston Police Department – helping others get back on their feet too.

12-14 Wise Street

A beautifully renovated townhouse in Jamaica Plain, 12-14 Wise Street provides permanent housing for formerly homeless women and men.

Wise Street provides housing for people who can live independently, but are in need of affordable housing. The program provides the services of a case manager and is designed to foster a sense of community and peer support that provides long-term stability and helps residents reintegrate into the community — which is crucial to a permanent move beyond homelessness.

Yetman Men’s Supportive Housing Program

Located in the community of Jamaica Plain, Yetman House provides safe, stable housing for formerly homeless men. While in the program, residents receive the support to gain the necessary work and life skills to live independently and reunite with families and children.

Yetman House is one of the most successful recovery homes in the state. While the highest success rate for a short-term recovery home in Massachusetts is 65%, Yetman House has consistently had a success rate of more than 70%. More than 85% never return to homelessness and go on to live stable, independent lives.

Graduates of this program have become business owners and managers, homeowners, community leaders, and licensed substance abuse counselors. Some of them have also obtained bachelor’s or master’s degrees.

Meet Graham

After struggling with heroin addiction and homelessness for many years, Graham came to Yetman House and it changed his life. Today he’s clean and sober, holds two Master’s degrees, works as an addictions counselor, and pursues his passion as a musician.

For referral information or an application, please call the program director at (617) 524-5967.