Make Housewarming Baskets

Help people who’ve spent years living on our streets and in shelters get started in their new homes and on their new journey to a hopeful, peaceful future by providing the essential items we all need to make our house a home. !!

Boston’s “Housing First” Initiative is making great strides towards ending long-term homelessness by placing people in safe, dignified housing first – immediately removing the chaos of living on the street and in shelters – and providing them with the support they need to rebuild their lives.

It’s as simple as assembling new (not used) items like cleaning supplies, dish soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, a set of sheets or towels, in a basket to be given as a housewarming gift to someone about to move into a place of their own- many for the first time in their lives.

And please include a welcome note, they mean a lot to the people who receive them.

You can also make this a fun and meaningful group project by holding a collection at your work, school, place of worship or even with a group of friends and family, and create as many baskets as you’d like!

We expect to help at least 200 more people move beyond homelessness into homes of their own this year and they’ll all need a little help getting started. The baskets you make will be a big part of this! No matter what you choose, your gifts will transform someone’s new apartment into a warm, welcoming home.

By creating and donating Housewarming Baskets, you’ll be an important part of welcoming people into their new homes where they’ll find the stability and serenity they need to begin their journey to hopeful, peaceful futures.

To get started, just download the flyer here and share with everyone you’d like to participate.

Housing Start-up Fund helped 579 In 2021

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Cummings Foundation 100k

Friends of Boston’s Homeless was one of 100 non-profits to receive a $100,000 grant from the Cummings Foundation as part of their $100K for 100 program. We are grateful and honored to be one of only 100 organizations in Massachusetts to receive this grant and very excited about how this grant will further our work to end long-term homelessness in Boston.

Once again, these funds will support our innovative Housing Start-up Fund which helps people overcome the final barriers to housing (security deposits, first/last, initial rental gaps, utility arrearages, IDs, and essential furniture and household items which must be new like beds and linens) so they can move directly from the streets and shelters into safe, dignified homes of their own and get connected to the vital supports they need to rebuild their lives. Our goal is to help 300 more people this year, bringing us one step closer to ending chronic homelessness in Boston for good. The Cummings Foundation grant will play a significant role in reaching this goal.

Thank you so much Cummings Foundation for your continued and very generous support to end homelessness with warm hearts – and homes – for all. We are so very grateful!

You too can help make home a reality for people who’ve struggled for years without one by making a gift to our Housing Start-up Fund or browse our Housewarming Registry where you can help provide essential household items that transform someone’s empty new apartment into a warm, welcoming home.

Pictured here:  Friends of Boston’s Homeless Founder and Chair, John Rosenthal and members of Friends Young Professionals Advisory Board (from left to right): Maureen O’Connell, Sara Burns, Jim Connelly, and Alexandra Pocor, celebrating the award of a 100K for 100 grant from Cummings Foundation.